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RJR was created as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business to provide flexible and economic environmental services to industry and government.  RJR utilizes a variety of environmental experts who enjoy the ownership of small business after a previous career with larger entities.  In this way, RJR can tap into several areas of expertise for environmentally related projects while maintaining value and responsiveness to the client. This effective operating model is very conducive to providing high quality services without excessive overhead given robust cyber technology available to small businesses in today's world.  RJR resources include a number of individuals that span the industry in relevant science and engineering disciplines to assist clients with environmental requirements and issues.  

RJR customers and projects include:

  • USACE South Atlantic Division MATOC REAT Environmental Consulting Services-Various Tasks including Ft. Irwin Flora Planning Survey.

  • US BLM Various Projects: Battle Mountain District Programmatic Oil and Gas EA; Environmental Disposal Liability List Cost Estimation for 200 Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) throughout the western states including the Bonita Peak Mining District NPL Site; DOE/BLM Ur Validation and Verification Report  technical review for BLM Colorado.

  • National Ecological Observatory Network; Various NEPA and Cultural Resources support at various nationwide locations.

  • Various Commercial: Hancock Natural Resources Geologic Support; EnPro Industires Legacy Management /Due Diligence support-Onondoga Lake, Passaic River, Water Valley, Trent Tube, Navajo Uranium, UK and South America Acquisitions.

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